Your body odour warns you about these 20 health problems

Did you notice that everyone has his or her own body odour? Or did you never smell yourself and do you currently need to put on deodorant several times a day? I always say: listen to your nose. It is possible that you skipped a shower for a day or that you “forgot” to brush your teeth. Do not worry about that. If that’s not the case, then there is a chance that your new body odour will warn you of any health problems.

1. The birth control pill
There are a lot of medicines, both for sale and prescribed, that can change the body odour as a side effect. An example is the birth control pill. The pill often causes a dry mouth, which causes sulfur accumulation in the mouth and eventually results in bad breath. In addition, the birth control pill also ensures that women perceive odours in a different way.

2. Stress
Whether at work, at school or your personal life: everyone is, sometimes, stressed. Stress creates anxiety, and that causes cortisol to be released. Cortisol is a stress hormone that helps you deal with dangerous situations. Unfortunately, you can sweat uncontrollably due to this hormone. ‘Stress sweat’, the sudden start of perspiration, can cause a strong body odour. Sweat does not smell, but when it comes into contact with bacteria that lives on your skin, it starts to smell. On the next page you can read how your body odour might warn you about diabetes.