This Is The Reason Why You Should Have a Glass of Warm Water Every Morning

It is a natural detox of the body.
By drinking a glass of warm water every morning, you ensure toxics to more quickly leave the body. By drinking warm water on an empty stomach you reduce the opportunities for bacteria to nestle in your body. As such, it is a natural way to combat an upcoming cold or flu.

Tip! A twist of lemon will even improve the result.

It is good for your skin.
The warm water improves the elasticity of the skin and repairs damaged skin. In addition it delays the physical ‘aging’. Toxics make you look older more quickly, so if you drink enough that process is slowed down. This mainly applies to women, because they have more hormones that cause problems, as a result of which they also suffer more from constipation. Fortunately, drinking warm water can relieve this.

It helps in case of constipation.
One way or another, everyone suffers from this annoying stomach problem from time to time, involving limited bowel movement and bloating. This is often caused by drinking too little water. Drinking (very) warm water on an empty stomach in the morning will prevent constipation and improve the bowel movement.

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