This Is The Reason Why You Should Have a Glass of Warm Water Every Morning

Water: it is refreshing, cooling or warming and incredibly versatile. Ice cubes, drink water, tea and (lightly) bubbly water are all options in connection with this popular drink. Although during the summer I prefer to drink ice-water all day, in winter I always prefer a hot cup of tea. But did you know that having a glass of warm water every day, regardless summer or winter, is very good for you. Apart from stimulating yourself to consume your 1.5 litres of fluids every day, there are more reasons to have a glass of warm water every morning.

It gives your metabolism a boost.
Your metabolism, better known as the digestion, gets a boost if you start each day with a glass of warm water. Extremely useful, because your metabolism determines how quickly your nutrients are converted into energy. In addition, quick metabolism will also ensure you burn off calories more quickly.

It helps against menstrual complaints.
Warm water also ensures your blood circulation to accelerate, allowing muscles to relax better and there are fewer problems with (painful) menstrual cramps. Of course this also goes for other types of physical pain. For instance headaches, muscle aches and stomach aches.

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