These 8 Healthy Products May Cause a Bloated Feeling

1. Watermelon.
When I think about this fruit, I immediately feel like summer, like barbecuing with a nice group of people, or like long days on the beach. It has a beautiful colour, great price, and great taste. But did you also know this type of melon causes extra air in your stomach? Watermelon is rich in fructose, a natural sugar, which is not taken up/broken down properly by the body.

2. Spring onions.
Vegetables which taste strong, such as spring onions, garlic, unions, shallots, and leek contain high levels of fructans. This is a fibre consisting of fructose molecules, which causes extra air in the stomach when consuming products containing it. A lot of people lack the enzymes to break down fructose, which makes digesting these products difficult, and can cause farting and a bloated feeling.