She Rubs Her Hands With Coffee Grounds. The Reason? This Is So Clever!

Coffee exists for over 1000 years. Are you just like the rest of the world? Then there is a big chance that your day starts off with a warm cup of coffee and afterwards it seems like you can take on the whole world and you have enough energy for the rest of the week. In short: a perfect start of the day! Lots of people consider themselves ‘real’ coffee connoisseurs and therefore only buy the best organic coffee beans which they do not grind until just before making the coffee. But did you know that you can do a lot more with coffee that has nothing to do with the drinking of coffee?

1. Dry rub
Do you love to barbecue and does every piece of meat have to be marinated or seasoned? Dry rubs are perfect for this! By adding coffee grounds to the spices, the smoky taste is enhanced. That’s going to be tasty.

2. Brownies
Do you want to give an exotic twist to your brownies? Add a table spoon of coffee grounds to the batter and when they are baked you will think you are in an amazingly exotic country. Who would not want that!

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