Gynecologists Warn: Stop Shaving Your Pubic Hair!

Research shows that most people, both men and women, shave themselves to find themselves more handsome and attractive. Nevertheless, gynecologists warn that women should not completely shave hair at the bikini zone.

1. Protects against germs.
Pubic hair protects the skin of various germs. Heavy underwear, tight clothing, but also high humidity and insufficient ventilation often make the hair grow (back) faster.

2. Protects against minor injuries.
Nearly nobody knows that the skin around and in the bikini area is extremely fragile and sensitive. This is another reason why the skin is so sensitive to irritations. By shaving the hair away with a knife you risk small cuts and these slices heal a lot less quickly than slices in the finger or in other places. By not removing the pubic hair, you prevent ingrown hairs and in this way also local inflammations.

3. Decreases the chance of STDs.
Experts believe that the chance of certain sexually transmitted diseases (such as chlamydia, herpes and gonorrhea) is much greater for women without pubic hair. This is because more friction occurs during sex, causing micro-damage to the skin. Pay attention! Pubic hair does not protect you 100% against STDs, but it is an extra safety measure.

4. Gives a cleaner feeling.
Although most women feel that a smooth and bare bikini line gives a fresh and clean feeling, this is actually the opposite. The pubic hair prevents germs and bacteria from entering the body through the vagina. This means that pubic hair helps to keep the vagina in balance (correct acidity, neutral odor etc.)

5. Protects against cold.

It may sound a little strange, but pubic hair will keep your genitals from getting cold during low temperatures. The health of the reproductive organs is very fragile and low temperatures can lead to inflammation and nobody wants that!

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