12 Foods You Should Never Keep In The Fridge

Try to picture a life without a fridge in your kitchen…. Impossible right? Where would you store all the milk and yogurt without it getting bad the next day? Unfortunately, not everything stays fresh in your refrigerator. On the contrary, some products will not stay fresh longer and are even dangerous to keep in your fridge! Did you know this? Because I didn’t… So in this list we will discover the 12 foods that you should NEVER keep in the fridge, no matter what.

1. Onions.
Onions are essential in your kitchen. You can use them for so many different dishes that it is practically harder not to use them while cooking. Because you can store your onions for such a long time you can buy them all year round. The only thing is that you need to know how to create the right circumstances for them not to go bad. This way you can keep the flavor and nutrition value of your inions intact for up until ten months. The best way to store your onions is the same way as you store your potatoes (which was mentioned in the previous point of this list). Just do not store your onions next to your potatoes in the pantry. Because of the gasses that potatoes release the onions could go bad much faster. Preferably, keep your onions stashed in a cool and dry place.

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