With These Handy Tips, Your Bathroom Tiles Will Look Radiant Again!

1. Fungus
The bathroom is one of the most fungus-sensitive places in the home. It is warm, humid and generally quite dark. Therefore, ideal for most fungi. Their favourite places in the bathroom are the ceiling and the bathroom grouts. So most of the time you will find them there. The grouts get those black specks and it spreads over the entire grout and that does not sound particularly clean. Especially when you clean them a few days ago. To get rid of this, you can use vinegar and chlorine, but the dark spots will be visible again soon.

Candle wax is the solution if you want the bathroom grout to remain beautifully white. Buy a long candle and cover all the grout. Do this several times so that a thicker layer develops. This layer of candle wax makes sure that mould cannot settle on the grouts at all. Bonus: you do not have to clean them at all. All you have to do is occasionally check the layer of candle wax. The first time sounds like a lot of work, but believe me when I say: it is worth it!

2. Rinse aid
Is cleaning the bathroom tiles not your favourite chore at home? After cleaning the tiles, make sure you rinse the tiles with warm water and a bit of dishwasher rinse aid. This makes sure that they, thanks to the rinse aid, become shiny and the stay shiny!

Curious about what you can use to you get the bathroom even more radiantly clean? . You will read it on the next page.