Do You Use Dishwasher Tablets Only for The Dishwasher? Shame! Use Them for These Things!

Yellow stains in t-shirts.
You love to wear white, but also sweat a lot? Well, chances are that the armpits and neck of your shirts are yellow.  You could go to the fashion store and buy new ones, but you could also clean them. The only things you need is, water, dishwasher tabs and a washing machine. Throw the shirts in the washing machine, add one tab and turn the machine (normal cycle) on. Get them out of the machine once it’s done and let them dry.

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After dinner smells.
Most people love to eat Raclette, it’s delicious and when you’re with good people it’s also a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the house gets really smelly once the Raclette grill is on and the smell lingers for a few days. From now on this is no longer necessary. Just boil some water on low heat and add a dishwasher tablet. Within minutes the smell is gone. This isn’t only after eating raclette. Every funny smell is gone with this handy trick!

Do you use a teapot? Chances are it’s covered with (tea) stains. Unless you clean it every day, there’s a brown layer in the teapot which is very difficult to clean. Thanks to dishwasher tablets these rough days are over. Soak the teapot in hot water and add a tablet. After a few minutes the tea pot should be clean. It’s not? Repeat it again (and again).

I love to cook, but I hate dirty pans. The solution? Pour a little water into the pan, add a dishwasher tablet, put the pan back on the stove and boil the water for about a minute on low heat. Once it’s done wash and rinse the pans and they’re back in mint condition!

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