Couple takes their pup back to the animal shelter with a very daring request

Full of energy
Raven had a lot of energy and only wanted to play with her new owners. Of course, Christina and Vincent thought this was great, but they also knew that they couldn’t be with her 24/7 to give her the attention she needed. Fortunately, they thought of a solution to this problem very quickly, so they would really have to take Raven back to the animal shelter.

After a few days they put Raven in the car and drove back to the animal shelter, where they made a very unexpected request. The couple could see that Raven needed a brother or sister to play with, so they asked the animal shelter if they could adopt another pet. Christina had been raised with dogs and cats, so this was her ideal situation. The Tamaskan pup’s new friend had to be a cat. The employees at the animal shelter didn’t quite understand.

This was quite a shock for the employees at the animal shelter, because everyone knows that cats and dogs generally don’t get along. Once the volunteers had recovered from the shock, Vincent and Christina were introduced to a few kittens. It didn’t take them long to decide who would become Raven’s best friend, and before the shelter closed the happy couple walked out with Tamaskan pup Raven and ‘Woodhouse’ the kitten. What a nice twist. Curious if Raven and Woodhouse liked each other? Read about it on the next page.