Backache? 4 Simple Exercises To Correct a Poor Posture

Do you also suffer from a daily sore back or even a backache? Whatever your posture during sitting or standing, the backache keeps recurring. There are but few people who pay attention to how they move and even fewer who consider their posture while sitting. The result: poor postures which may have rather disturbing consequences.

Ultimately, different factors cause deterioration of the posture which may even lead to serious damage to the back or vertebral column. One example is an excess curving of the vertebral column, also known as a hunchback. Scientifically this is called kyphosis.

In general these curves are accompanied by muscle problems in the vertebral column, neck and gluteal muscles. This is also the reason why you experience pain when sleeping, sitting or standing (in an unfavourable position). This all sounds rather intense, but fortunately there is a solution! What? Back exercises! And you can simply do them at home. Click to go to the next page to find out about the exercises.