According To The Dentist These Are The 8 Worst Foods for Your Teeth

Why dentists urge you to avoid the following 8 foodstuffs:

1. IJs
Do you bite or chew (water) ice-cream? Dentists prefer that you stop that right NOW! It is a bad habit, because it is common knowledge that over time it damages the dental enamel. Your teeth may even crack open and believe me: nobody wants that to happen!

eten, gebit, tandarts, slecht, gaatjes, vullingen, zoet, hard

2. Lozenges
According to Business Insider stopping the consumption of (throat) lozenges is one of the best ways to avoid cavities. Sucking such a hard sweet means that the teeth are exposed to sugars and acids for a much longer time than when eating a piece of cake and quickly swallowing it. This sounds rather logical!

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