According To The Dentist These Are The 8 Worst Foods for Your Teeth

Today’s question: what was your favourite snack as a child? Was it: a) acidic sweets, b) pralines, c) freshly baked biscuits or d) apples. Okay, whoever chose “d” as an answer is lying: no child considers a Granny Smith apple a treat! But still: the well-meaning people who offered you healthy treats in an attempt to save your growing teeth from a future with cavities and dental plaque… they all meant well…

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We all sometimes eat things that are bad for us, such as sweets, bars and ice-cream and our teeth have to endure all this. Dentists are fed up and have composed a list of products you should not eat if you want to keep your teeth healthy and strong. The good news is that sweets are not among these top 8. Believe it or not, there are numerous snacks that harm your teeth much more! Who could have guessed? Are you curious which they are?

Why dentists urge you to avoid the following 8 foodstuffs:

1. Crisps
Just as with crackers, crisps are full of processed starch and genetically manipulated ingredients that are known to contribute to dental decay. The process commences when lovers of crisps nibble and the salty snacks get stuck in the cracks between their teeth. If you can’t leave them alone then make sure you floss after eating them. The following page proves that fruit is not always good for you. Quickly click to proceed!