9 Amazing Reasons for Drinking Olive Oil on an Empty Stomach

Okay, in all honesty, it does not really sound attractive, who would drink olive oil on a daily basis, on an empty stomach. Nasty! Reading this article will completely change your mind though. Olive oil contains numerous macro-nutrients, fatty acids and vitamins.

This makes it an utterly valuable product for our health. I have composed a list of the most convincing reasons to consume olive oil. Have a spoonful every day, on an empty stomach and these 9 amazing results may emerge.

9. To heal the large intestine.
Olive oil protects cells against damage that could lead to cancer. It also reinforces the large intestine and provides relief in case of constipation.

Please note! To make it exciting, we will count down from 9 to 1. Are you curious about the other reasons? Then quickly proceed to the next page!