6 Hair Washing Habits You Need to Stop Right Now!

3. You use too much of the product.
Do you also spray half of the bottle on your head or your hand? That is a waste and absolutely not necessary. Start with a blob and grab more if it is too little. The use of too much shampoo and conditioner only makes it harder to rinse out, leaving your residue behind.

4. You do not clean your scalp properly
Do you empty the bottle on top of your head or do you put your hand full of shampoo in one place and then rub yourself? Then you have been washing your hair wrong all your life! You do not clean your head properly. The best way to wash your hair is to spray the shampoo in your hands and then rub it with your fingers. Start at the crown and finish in the ends.

5. You do not rinse out your hair well
Make sure you rinse your hair well! Do you have curly, frizzy or damaged hair? Then grab a (wide) comb and gently pull through your hair as you rinse it out. Do not forget to check that all the residue has disappeared!

6. You do not approach dandruff well 
Healthy hair starts with your scalp. Give your head a mini massage if you wash it with shampoo. This ensures that all dirtiness and greasiness is gone and the circulation gets a boost. Do you suffer from itching or dandruff? Make sure you (also) wash with an anti-dandruff shampoo!

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