6 Hair Washing Habits You Need to Stop Right Now!

You will probably recognize this: you are standing in the shower to relax and to warm up. And then you remember that you still have to wash your hair. Of course you do not want to appear with greasy hair at work. And if you are busy anyway: do not forget the conditioner! Yet it appears that many people do not wash their hair properly. Wondering which things we are talking about and if you are wrong?

1. You wash your hair too often..
Do you wash your hair every day? Stop doing so immediately! How often exactly you have to wash your hair depends on your lifestyle, environment and the result you want. But giving your hair a full wash twice a week (shampoo and conditioner) gives the best result.

2. You use different brands or types of shampoo and conditioner.
It is important to purchase the same product line. Do you use Andrélon dry and damaged hair shampoo, then also buy the conditioner of the brand. Mixing brands and products results in a less effective result. Product lines are made on the fact that they have the best result in combination with each other. Read more on the next page.