10 Makeup Mistakes Every Women Makes and Can Even Age You!

Everyone knows it. The makeup’s job is to highlight woman’s beauty. Women use makeup to hide their pimples, for example. But can cosmetics achieve the opposite effect sometimes? The answer is: yes! Many women make mistakes in makeup and don’t even know about it. It is perfectly possible that you are not aware of it, of course. Therefore, I made a list of makeup mistakes women often make. Skip to the next page and read the 10 main mistakes you need to avoid, unless you want to look older than you really are.

1. Blush
Blush has the power to transform a face. Be careful! Blush of darker shades make you look older. That’s why you need to get rid of matte and dark colors.

2. Mascara.
Mascara on the upper lashes makes your eyes more emphatic. Mascara put on the lower lashes, on the contrary, brings up wrinkles around the eyes.

3. Eye Pencil.
If you draw your lower eyelid with a black pencil, your eyes will look narrower. This is one of the biggest mistakes in makeup. If you want to make your eyelashes look thicker, draw the spaces between them.

4. Brown eye shadows.
This is one of those makeup mistakes that everybody makes. Brown shadow brightens up your eyes, but they emphasize weariness of the eyelids. It steals your eyes’ youth. Did you know this? Number 5 is a very common mistake. Do you make it?